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Attachment Focused Parenting Supports And Trauma Informed Care

Unique support and training service for parents, carers and professionals

We offer consultation, training and support for parents, carers and professionals in relation to managing challenging behaviours, infant and child sleep struggles, positive behaviour support, child development, childhood trauma and attachment focused parenting.

Secure Foundations | Help with Child Sleep
“We are passionate about building secure foundations with your little ones and believe that creating a secure attachment in the early days is an emotional advantage that will last a lifetime.”
Sarah Bolitho

Sleep Services

A certified infant and child sleep consultant, based in Perth.

Focused on trauma-informed practices and building secure attachments to get your family a more settled night sleep.


If you are struggling with your little ones emotional or behavioural challenges, we can work together to better understand their needs and change the challenging or unwanted behaviours whilst creating emotional connection.


Comprehensive complex trauma training programs for professionals and carers.

Learn about trauma informed care, positive behaviour support and strategies to support children, youth and families to heal.


Specialising in attachment theory, trauma and child development, infant sleep and positive behaviour support. 

We can tailor workshops to meet the needs of your group.

Secure Foundations

We believe that each family is entirely unique, and all our recommendations are individualised and tailored to meet the goals of you and your family.

You can be sure that I will not recommend anything that compromises your maternal instincts and will meet your little one at their point of need.

We look forward to working with you to improve the harmony in your house and especially welcome partnerships working with those who are caring for children with attachment disorders and/or a trauma history.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss how we can help with your sleep, behaviour or parenting struggles.

Secure Foundations | Help with Child Sleep

We Can Work With You To Improve…

Secure Foundations | Sleep Services Consultation

With a sound understanding in child development, mental health and psychology we can help you to get you and your little one a more settled night sleep whilst improving your connection and strengthening your attachment.

Behaviour Management

We can help you develop tools and interventions to appropriately meet your little one’s needs whilst positively redirecting unwanted behaviours.

We can work with you on a range of parenting challenges including frustration tolerance, lack of co-operation, fears, trauma re-enactment, tantrums, social challenges. Contact us to discuss your difficulties and find out how we can support you.

Limits & Boundary Setting

Do you struggle to say ‘no’, set rules but don’t enforce them or rarely give out consequences? If this sounds like you and you would like to change this we can help you.

Cooperation & Connection

Find out how to improve co-operation from and connection with your little ones through play – their natural language. Our custom play consultations will give you lots of ideas to spark their imagination, build trust, co-operation and connection.

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Services We Offer

We offer phone, in home and online support. Click below to find out more.


Phone Support

60 or 90 minute telephone consultation

In Home Support

3 or 5 hours of in home consultation

Online Support

Analysis of completed sleep assessment

Client Testimonials

Sarah helped us immensely with the sleep transition of our little boy. We had tried multiple approaches, but none seemed to work.

When we found Sarah, she was completely on par with everything we wanted for us and our son and although his determined nature, Sarah helped us have a major breakthrough with him and his sleep.

I feel that her moral support alone was all I needed but she exceeded above and beyond and completely tailored Van’s ‘schedule’ to suit his and our needs.

Nothing was ever too much to ask and I always felt peace of mind knowing I had her to cheer me on and offer professional advice.

Bree Craine

We used Sarah to stop our chronic catnapper from constantly napping for 45 mins.

Within 3 days she had linked most cycles, was down to 1 feed & wake up per night and then within the week sleeping through the night.

Sarah respected our wishes and worked with our parenting style.

Cannot recommend highly enough, you are incredible, and we are forever thankful.

Justine Lawrence

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Also fussy eating and difficulties with boundaries, toilet training and improving your connection with your children.

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