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This masterclass is all about supporting the development of emotional regulation and will cover:
  • What is emotional regulation
  • Two types of emotions
  • The parents role
  • Regulation in infancy
  • Regulation in toddlerhood
  • Regulation framework
  • How to stay calm as a parent
You guys wanted to know things like:
  • How can we foster a positive relationship between them
  • What to do when one constantly snatches off the other
  • How to respond when one hurts the other
  • Why do they just fight alllll day long
  • How can I regulate myself when they won’t stop fighting

So, I’ve answered all of that and more and put it into a webinar for you.

What we'll cover:
  • Reflect on your own reactions to anger
  • Understand How anger works and operates (and why it so unique)
  • Common causes of anger in childhood
  • 5 things you need to do to support your child to experience anger
  • Purposeful Parent's plan of action for in the moment
  • Creative therapeutic tools to work through anger 
Workshop includes:
  • Family workbook
  • Therapeutic activities to support kids' management anger
You'll learn how to:
  • Move past policing with harsh rulles and punishments
  • Help your children to choose to cooperate (yes, really!)
  • Discover how to create a home that thrives
  • Trust in love over fear and see that children are inherently good!
Workshop includes:
  • Family workbook

Specialising in attachment theory, trauma and child development, infant sleep and positive behaviour support. Be it your mum’s group or work colleagues, we can tailor a workshop to troubleshoot your biggest challenges. We can tailor workshops to meet the needs of your group, why not grab your mum’s group together and we can workshop your current developmental struggles.

Re-Parenting on Purpose


Become aware of that vulnerable version of yourself, everything you need is inside of you and change starts from the inside out. Changing cycle of parenting starts here, together. 

Bedtime Battles

Bedtime Battles is the first online program that combines the knowledge and expertise of a child development expert and a team of sleep specialists.

With easy-to-understand info, not only will you learn WHAT to do in order to say goodbye to Bedtime Battles, but also WHY. So that you can be confident with your decisions.

We’ll also explore why the things you tried in the past didn’t work.


Parenting On Purpose (POP) Club

The POP Club is an exclusive membership from Secure Foundations designed to support busy parents with evidenced based and research-backed strategies to re-design their brains so that they can find more magic in the day-to-day of family life. 

The POP club will support parents to move from a behavioural model of parenting which focuses on “If I could just get them to….” to relational one which focuses on connection and delight. 


“Book Sarah for public speaking or a tailored workshop”

Are you looking for an incredible speaker for your next get together, workshop, corporate event, school function, childcare centre or parenting group?

Sarah is available for private bookings. She is an engaging speaker that has a nack for bringing complex concepts about child development and neuroscience and making them accessible to a whole variety of audiences. She brings passion and fun as well as her expertise and knowledge.


  •   Therapeutic play – Using play to access a child’s emotional world

  •  Therapeutic Crisis intervention

  •  Childhood trauma – Sarah is a  certified Trauma Puzzle Facilitator 

  •  Establishing daily habits and routines for success

  •  Nervous system regulation

  •  Understanding and transforming tantrums

  • Emotion coaching

  •  Emotional intelligence

  •  Strengthening parent-child relationships

  •  Emotional regulation

  •  Moving beyond behaviour

  •  The power of therapeutic play

  •  Infant and child sleep struggles

  •  Preventing sexual harm and protective behaviours


Sarah has a Bsc (Hons) in Psychology, Post graduate Specialist Certificate in criminology (sex offender management) and Graduate diploma in Therapeutic Play as well as many other professional development certificates and qualifications.


Schedule Sarah to speak at your next event!