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Do you feel like you are at your wits end? Do you feel like you have tried it all, yet not seeing any results? I know you’re second guessing yourself, but please don’t give up! You need to try this first!

Sign up to work through our e-course to help you understand your child from a developmental perspective and learn strategies to effectively respond to challenging behaviours whilst not just maintaining but improving your relationship with your children!

Backed by research and developmental psychology, this course is ready to reveal the truth and get you back on the positive parenting path!

Secure Foundations  Why Our Approach Works  Secure Foundations

Secure Foundations
It’s backed by developmental psychology and research. I’m not just ‘another toddler mum’ telling you what worked for me. The skills I teach are supported by decades of research.
Secure Foundations
It’s based on setting up the foundations of your parenting relationship with your children so that they are strong and secure. A secure attachment is an emotional advantage that will last you a lifetime. You will never regret setting these foundations.
Secure Foundations
It will teach you the meaning and the cause of behaviours so that you can respond with confidence to their needs.
Secure Foundations
Once you understand where you came from and where you’re at right now on your parenting journey you can start to understand where you want to go and the parent you want to become.
Secure Foundations
You will experience a natural and almost immediate shift in how to make your manic moments magical ones to raise emotionally intelligent, resilient children who co-operate and listen. Honestly.

Secure Foundations

Here’s What You Are Getting In Our Course!

Heres What Your Getting In Our Course
Easy to Digest Content

Easy to Digest Content

Secure Foundations

Over 36 videos with easy to digest content

Secure Foundations

Content unlocked weekly

Secure Foundations
Digital workbooks to track your success


Secure Foundations
24/7 on demand access on any device
Secure Foundations
12 months access so that you can take your time to digest it
Secure Foundations
Access to a community of like-minded parents to share your journey with
Secure Foundations

14 day Money Back Guarantee – no questions asked

Long-Term Results

Long-Term Results

Secure Foundations
Total parenting transformation – Priceless
Secure Foundations
A co-operative, connected relationship with your children and partner – Priceless

Secure Foundations  Our Course Structure  Secure Foundations

Module 1: Parent Child Audit
Secure Foundations E programme Module 1

Parent Child Audit

  • Attachment theory basics and how to create a secure attachment
  • Intimately understand your triggers and how to change them
  • How your own childhood is affecting your parenting
  • How to understand your family values and priorities
  • Your child’s unique temperament and how to parent their individual traits
  • Your parenting style and how this affects your child's development
Module 2: Behaviour Basics
Secure Foundations E programme Module 2

Behaviour Basics

  • How behaviours are learned
  • Why your child ‘misbehaves’ *hint* they aren’t naughty
  • The underlying needs of behaviours and how to meet them
  • Positive strategies to respond to challenging behaviours
  • How to ‘fill your child’s cup’
  • The difference between responding and reacting
  • How you may be contributing to challenging behaviours
Module 3: Discipline
Secure Foundations E programme Module 3


  • The basics of discipline and how to effectively use discipline
  • An understanding of punishment and what isn't recommended
  • How to use effective discipline with strategies for different scenarios
  • How to effectively use consequences
  • The importance of managing yourself 'in the moment' and how to do that
Module 4: Behaviour Consequences
Secure Foundations E programme Module 4

Behaviour Consequences

  • Learn how to implement effective consequences that make sense every time
  • Understand how to set limits and boundaries that have follow through
  • Understand the difference between threats, bribes and consequences
Module 5: How To Improve The Relationship
Secure Foundations E programme Module 5

How to Improve the Relationship

  • How to play to increase co-operation
  • How to build attachment through play
  • Your child's Love Languages
  • How to repair your relationship when you react instead of respond

Secure Foundations
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