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Tantrum Prevention Strategies

Ebook: Tantrum Prevention Strategies


Discover these 8 simple but mighty strategies to reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of tantrums so that you can take back the enjoyment of parenting, never feel embarrassed to go out in public and stop feeling worried about tantrums everyday

You’re Going To Love These Simple Yet Effective Strategies

Understand, Developmentally, What Tantrums Are

Now I know you get what they look like but I’m going to tell you what’s happening in your little ones brains so you can understand why they behave like that.

HINT: It’s not because they want to make life difficult

The Two Needs Underlying These Challenging Behaviours

All behaviours have an underlying need, they’re super easy to remember and there’s only 2 of them!

8 Strategies To Prevent Tantrums

These 8 strategies can be understood and implemented straight away so that you can start reducing the tantrums in your house. Hurrah!!

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I’m Sarah, principal therapist of Secure Foundations; a unique sleep support service based on trauma informed and attachment-focused parenting. My speciality is working with those who are caring for children with a trauma history or attachment disorders, however we welcome the connection with all family journeys.

Secure Foundations was born out of years of study, work and an enduring passion for raising stable, resilient children and their healthy emotional development. We are big believers that each family is entirely unique, and all our recommendations are individualised and completely tailored to meet the goals of your family.

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