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Phone Plus Support


  • Analysis of completed sleep assessment
  • 90-minute in-depth telephone consultation
  • A holistic look at your parenting philosophies including any factors which may impact your parenting or child’s behaviour such as illness, trauma, developmental delays or other diagnoses
  • A review of your child’s sleep space
  • A personalised plan based on the biology, physiology and psychology of child sleep struggles sent within 24 hours
  • 2 weeks of additional (4 weeks total) aftercare support by phone/text/email excluding weekends
  • Plus a further week of additional support to be used within 6 months

Secure Foundations – We offer phone, in-home and online support.

About Sarah

I’m Sarah, principal therapist of Secure Foundations; a unique sleep support service based on trauma informed and attachment-focused parenting. My speciality is working with those who are caring for children with a trauma history or attachment disorders, however we welcome the connection with all family journeys.

Secure Foundations was born out of years of study, work and an enduring passion for raising stable, resilient children and their healthy emotional development. We are big believers that each family is entirely unique, and all our recommendations are individualised and completely tailored to meet the goals of your family.