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The Complete Guide to Tantrums

Ebook: The Complete Guide To Tantrums


This beautifully laid out digital e-book is just what you need to understand, prevent and respond to tantrums so that you can reduce their intensity, frequency and duration AND protect your relationship with your little ones at the same time.


  • An introduction to how toddlers’ brains develop, so that you can see their behaviour from a developmental perspective
  • 10 reasons why young children tantrum and the purpose this behaviour serves them
  • What tantrums are, even if you think you’ve got a pretty good idea already
  • How you might be accidentally reinforcing the behaviours you’re trying to avoid and what to do instead
  • 8 actionable steps that you can start implementing today to help your child reduce the intensity of their tantrums
  • Different strategies to respond to tantrums in the moment so that you can support your little one to regulate

*This is a digital guide, sharing, reproducing, on-selling or copying this product is strictly prohibited. This guide is personal use only and is designed to be used on a single-use basis only. If you love the guide, like we hope you will, please share the link to purchase, not the product.

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