A Monthly membership from Secure Foundations

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A Monthly membership from Secure Foundations


Are you in search of a shame-free community of parents to do the deep work in with to transform your parenting? The parenting on purpose club is for you. 

 A trustworthy place  for expert guidance, supportempathy and genuine connection to help you tackle any big feelings and behaviours.

Have you made a commitment to ‘parent differently’  but find yourself defaulting to big fiery reactions or maybe you get flustered in the heat of the moment.

Even if...

you grew up in a family where discussing emotions was stigmatised and you struggle to manage your own.

Even if...

you feel like tough love made you the person you are today.. and you turned out ok. 

Even if...

you’re totally overwhelmed with no idea where to begin.

Avoid reacting...

in the heat of the moment and losing precious connections with your child.

We believe...

in purpose over perfection, and we’re here to remind you of it daily.

(they can be kinda helpful but they’ll only get you so far.)
(great ‘in the moment’ when the ship feels like it’s on fire but then what? A new strategy every time?
(ever thought things will just get better when they turn 1, or 2 or 3 or, hell, even 6, maybe you’re holding out for school then it will be easier!)
The change isn’t about what you say, how long you play for, how much screen time they’re having or what fandangled new toys they’ve got (and aren’t interested in playing with!) 
It’s finding magic in the mundane.
It’s flippin’ the bird to the idea of perfection and knowing that the real magic isn’t in never losing your s**t.
 The magic is in  purpose.


To help you to understand your childhood narratives which have shaped the way you interact with your little ones.
Complex neurobiological knowledge broken down into understandable and actionable steps
Check in with the community with weekly worksheets and Psychological insights into rewiring your core parenting language.
An exclusive den on a private platform for action takers who are ready to go deep into the work needed to raise a generation of secure, confident and resilient humans!
Review your growth and the value of the club every month before you recommit to another dive.
Weekly live video coffee catch up calls with Sarah and the team. All calls will be recorded and transcribed to build a bank of commonly asked questions.

Live Q&A workshops with other professional experts in the child development and wellness space. 

For just $13 per week, paid monthly or get 2 months free with an annual subscription.
Instant access to 'Re-parenting with purpose'

The brand new course designed to help you go inwards to understand how your upbringing has shaped you and how to move any of the blocks preventing you from responding to your kiddos with intention

(Value $149)

Weekly Video Coffee Catch ups

To get personalised, actionable strategies to help you implement your learnings. Cant make it live? No worries, submit your question the day  before and we'll answer it live. Each call will be recorded and time stamped so you can find your question.

(Value $80 per month)

Weekly teachings, reflections and prompts

To help you go deeper and continue to take action. All content is based around the 7 Seas of Parenting on Purpose

(Value $97 per month)

Monthly Expert-led discussions

With guest presenters

(Value $57 per month)

Access to a community of like minded divers in an exclusive community OFF Facebook

where Sarah and the team will be hanging out to make sure you don't lose your snorkel


Join us live on the last Sunday of every month to prioritise YOU! A beautiful wellness session, aimed at calming your central nervous system also recorded if you can't make it live

(Value $47 per month)


Over $250 value per month for just $55!


Your plan will auto-renew to help you lock in results, cancel anytime. 

Montly Membership



  • Access to brand new course; Re-parenting with Purpose
  • Weekly Video Coffee Catch ups
  • Live Q&A with expert guest presenters
  • Weekly teachings, reflections and prompts
  • Access to a community of like minded divers in an exclusive community OFF facebook
  • Monthly Yoga and Mindfulness session

Annual Membership



  • Instant access to brand new course; Re-parenting with Purpose
  • Weekly Video Coffee Catch ups
  • Live Q&A with expert guest presenters
  • Weekly teachings, reflections and prompts
  • Access to a community of like minded divers in an exclusive community OFF Facebook
  • Monthly Yoga and Mindfulness session


  • Receive 2 months FREE (Value $110)
  • BONUS Masterclass: Promoting independent play (Value $57)
  • BONUS Masterclass: Managing Siblings (Value $57)

"Thank you for everything you do & for keeping this mumma of 3 under 4 grounded, sane and knowledgeable. What you do positively impacts families on a daily basis, in a truly remarkable way. Forever grateful for the knowledge you share."

- Kate

"You were able to really simplify the theory aspects of behaviour and I really looked at myself as a parent, my partner and my parents. I've started to consciously practice changing my dialogue that just pops out  with the hope I will have a positive parenting experience."


- Caroline

"I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for all the extra resources you put up- I've found that your positive reminders to stay calm and trust your child isn't "bad" or "naughty" has given me the confidence to parent in a way I wish I had growing up."


- Lauren


The  POP Club is an exclusive membership from Secure Foundations designed to support busy parents with evidenced based and research-backed strategies to re-design their brains so that they can find more magic in the day-to-day of family life. 


The POP club will support parents to move from a behavioural model of parenting which focuses on “If I could just get them to….” to a relational one which focuses on connection and delight. 

“One of my core beliefs is that everybody has everything they need inside them, change is available for everyone.”

Are we buddies?

I’m Sarah, an educator, parenting coach, therapeutic play practitioner, clinical master’s student (perpetual student 💁‍♀️) and right with you on this journey parenting little ones. 

After working for over a decade in the mental health and child protection space, educating parents and supporting generational change for our little ones was something I was always destined to do. 

I’d be telling porkie pies if I said I wasn’t utterly obsessed with the impact of early childhood experiences on the development of the brain.

Throughout my journey, I recognised the need for trauma-informed, evidence-based and attachment focused parenting supports, and Secure Foundations was born.

Complex ideas turned into simple strategies that create generational change.

Over the last 12 months I've had the absolute privilege of working with over 400 families, helping them learn and implement strategies to transform their parent-child dynamic with great results. 

But I found that many of them kept coming back. For more support. 

Where’s the problem I hear you ask? 

I realised that they needed more. 

They needed to go deeper, to go inside themselves to find what was there all along.

Let’s grab those flippers and go diving! 



Send us an email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you!