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The brain picker 

Ever wished you could just jump on a quick call and pick our brains? Well now you can. 

  • 1 hour phone call 
  • 2 follow up emails to be used within 6 weeks (same subject) 



Perfect for less in depth, perhaps you’re cruising along but want to troubleshoot something particular or would like a bit of reassurance that you’re on the right track 



Ever found yourself wanting to ask a question in my IG DMs but it can never fit in the box or it always gets missed?

Are you tired or overwhelmed by searching Dr Google for an answer to your specific question but would like something personalised to you and from someone you trust? 

If you’ve got specific parenting questions, it’s highly likely I've got the answers ;-) 

Email support is designed for reassurance, an alternative strategy or fairly simple solutions.

They aren’t appropriate for complex questions or re-parenting work which would be more suited to 1:1 coaching.

Submit up to 3 questions

Receive a personalised response with 48 hours

1 x follow up email if required

Research articles (trusted), links, book recommendations to accompany my insight if appropriate

The Parenting Compass 

Determining your position and maintaining direction in the midst of a wide open sea is like how parenting works. I have worked with many families and parents for over a decade now and I know how complicated it is to respond and understand your little human’s behaviour. 

☆ 1x  1 hour Zoom consultation 

☆ Personalised strategies sent out within 48 hours

☆ 3 x 15 min follow up calls to be used within 2 weeks

Sailing in a big wave of ever changing child’s behaviour is a test of being a parent, which is why you should bring your best compass with you on the helm. I’ll tell you, I can be that compass! 

$349 AUD

A tiger can change his stripes, but not overnight, lasting change takes time and having worked with and studied thousands of families over the last decade I know just how complex family systems and relationships are. 

☆ 2 x 1 hour zoom calls 

☆ 2 x 30 minute phone calls

☆ 2 x emails to use over 8 weeks

☆ Access to personalised resources

☆ Personalised family workbook 

☆ Access to my online course Re-Parent yo’self  

This is what makes parenting such a dang rollercoaster ride and also why one session is often not enough to truly understand your challenges. 

$895 AUD

TOTAL TRANSFORMATION and Biggest bang for your buck!

The El Grande coaching experience is designed to help you build awareness of your experiences and support you to dive deep into developing your own tool kit and learn how to understand you little one with where they’re at developmentally. 

☆ 4 x 1 hour zoom calls 

5 x 30 minute phone calls 

4 x emails to use over 12 weeks

Access to personalised resources

Personalised family workbook

☆ Access to my online course Re-Parent yo’self

6 months access to the POP Club (Valued at $450)

$1,795 AUD

I primarily work with parents of children aged 0-5 as this is my speciality but also my passion since there’s no other period of time that sees brain growth quite like the first 5 years. 

These early years are absolutely fundamental to a child’s social and emotional wellbeing as these experiences are creating templates in their brains for how to be in relationships with others. 

I’m fairly flexible around supporting you with whatever you want to work through, and the time really is yours. Some ideas are below:

  • Supporting parents to understand how their childhood experiences have shaped them
  • Support parents to navigate emotions and emotional regulation 
  • Help to build a toolbox of discipline strategies that prioritise the relationship first 
  • Assist with understanding generational parenting patterns and how to change them
  • Identify barriers that prevent parents truly connecting with the little ones 
  • How to nurture children’s brain development and establish developmentally-appropriate expectations
  • Help parents to truly understand attachment theory and how to nurture a secure attachment

And so much more…… Get in touch if you have any questions or aren’t sure if we can help. If we can’t or if your query is outside of our scope of expertise we can re-direct you to someone else. 

Book a FREE 15 minute discovery call using our Calendar below to select a date and time convenient to you.

Sorry, as we run a tight schedule we can’t offer cancellations for change of mind or missed sessions.