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Can you guarantee my little one will sleep through the night?

No, since no one ever technically ‘sleeps through the night’ this would be a big guarantee to make and I’d be telling porkpies.

However, what I can guarantee is that I will make recommendations for you to implement that will support your little one to sleep at their biological best and get you to a smooth night sleep.

It is my mission to get your little one secure in the knowledge that they are safe to go to sleep and to go back to sleep with minimal, or no support if they wake in the night.

You can see from the reviews that our clients our very satisfied with their sleep success. I would love to talk to you about your individual circumstances to give an indication of what measure of success may be realistic.

How do you define a ‘smooth night sleep’?

A smooth night sleep is one where your little one goes to bed without a bedtime battle and you can get them into their pyjamas without drama. They take a nice full feed (if they’re still having bedtime feeds) and take an age-appropriate amount of time to fall asleep.

If they are waking in the night, they are either easily settled back to sleep with support or can go back to sleep without support depending on their biological, physiological and psychological capacity.

How will I know if they are sleeping at their ‘biological best’?
A baby that sleeps at their biological capacity takes age appropriate naps and goes to sleep without a battle, they will drift off at night time smoothly and will sleep for a solid period of time before waking for a feed (if they still need one) and then once they wake they are easily fed and then popped back to sleep smoothly.
Do you promise things will get better?

I’d probably be telling porkies (again) if I made promises as there are no guarantees in the world of babies.

What I can promise though is that I wouldn’t suggest we work together if I wasn’t quietly confident we could make some sleep strides and I’ll be really honest and upfront if I feel there are barriers to success.

As seen in my reviews, the families I have worked with have been very pleased with their sleep strides and if I can’t help you (although highly unlikely) I will try to support you to find some who can.

How quickly can we see improvements?

If you’re looking for an overnight success story, I may not be your perfect fit. Your success story will depend on your little one and what we are going to focus on changing.

Huge success has been seen in clients after 2-3 days (some as soon as the next day) but if we are making some significant changes, we will go at your little one’s pace and this could take up to 10 days to start to really see the sleep strides.   

Our approach we use a combination of biology, psychology and knowledge of child development to create a stress-free transition to bedtime rather than one that seeks to alter behaviour on a time frame.

Is my baby going to cry?

Possibly, maybe, maybe not. This will depend on your little one, their temperament, their age, their sleep story to date and what tweaks are to be made in order to make sleep strides.

However, whenever your little one has a need, we will meet it. I will never coach you into doing anything that goes against your instincts or has you in tears too.

I’m a foster carer and a lot of the children I look after have sleep struggles, can you help?

Absolutely. I have a passion for supporting children on their healing journey and believe that sleep can be a really scary place for some children.

Contemporary research demonstrates that children with a trauma history and/or attachment disorders often struggle with sleep and there is a multitude of reasons for this.

Methods used to support these little ones will vary depending on their background but essentially, I will support you to help your little ones feel safe enough to sleep, confident that they will be free from harm and that their needs will be met.

Can you do workshops?

Would love to, if you have a group of friends, a mother’s group, are a carer support agency, local health centre or other organisation and would be interested in finding out more about sleep, trauma, the attachment theory or all three, please click here to organise a chat.

We facilitate training and group awareness sessions on the subject of sleep, trauma and attachment relationships and look forward to hearing from you to discuss your needs.

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