As parents, we want to allow space for our child to express emotion and experience the world in their own right… but often, we end up doing just the opposite. 

Here’s how to guide your child towards emotional regulation so they can thrive in the world and avoid reacting in the heat of the moment.


Founder of Secure Foundations, a unique support and education service, helping parents and carers find the magic in parenting by overcoming their parenting challenges.

Sarah has postgraduate qualifications in psychology, is a certified child and infant sleep consultant recognised by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and a member of the Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association. Sarah is currently completing her master’s degree in play therapy. She has over 10 years of professional experience working in mental health and child protection in Government, non-government and private capacities. Throughout her journey, Sarah recognised the need for trauma-informed, evidence-based and attachment focused parenting supports, and Secure Foundations was born.


The Power of Modeling:  

Focusing on your own relationship with emotions can be extremely empowering for yourself and your child.

7 ways to teach your child emotional intelligence and how to guide them on a journey of self-regulation.

Why the deep-seated desire to control your child in order for you to feel regulated is not sustainable AND which alternatives are available for cultivating a connection.