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Secure Foundations | Help with Child Sleep
I’m Sarah, principal therapist of Secure Foundations; a unique support and professional development service based on trauma informed and attachment-focused parenting. We welcome the connection with all families and specialise in working with those who are caring for children with a trauma history, attachment disorders or challenging behaviours.

Secure Foundations was born out of years of study, work and an enduring passion for raising stable, resilient children and their healthy emotional development. We are big believers that each family is entirely unique, and all our recommendations are individualised and completely tailored to meet the goals of your family.

“We are passionate about building secure foundations with your little ones and believe that creating a secure attachment in the early days is an emotional advantage that will last a lifetime.”

My Background

I have postgraduate qualifications in psychology, am a certified child and infant sleep consultant recognised by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists and am a member of the Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association. I am currently completing my master’s degree in play therapy and have over 10 years professional experience working in mental health and child protection in Government, non-government and private capacities. Through my journey I recognised the need for trauma-informed and attachment focused parenting supports and Secure Foundations was born.

My Philosophy

You can be sure that I will not recommend anything that compromises your maternal instincts or yours or your little one’s physical and emotional well-being. We will meet your little one at their point of need. Every time.

Here At Secure Foundations, We Get It.

Secure Foundations | Help with Child Sleep

If you’ve found us, you are probably a household with some sleep or behaviour struggles.

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Little Ones
Perhaps you’ve been told that you must either ‘sleep-train’ or ‘wait it out’ but neither of those options sound like something you can do. Maybe you want to change your family’s sleep situation in a genuinely gentle way that won’t cause any psychological distress (to you or your little one). Remember, we believe that a secure attachment is an emotional advantage that will last a lifetime. We will never compromise that.
Perhaps you are struggling with toddlers and are not sure how to support them around bedtime. Maybe you have been told that you are being manipulated and they need more discipline, but this feels wrong to you.
Sleep and behaviour doesn’t follow a linear path which is why we work with families caring for children up to 10 years old. We know that developmentally there are lots of changes for these little ones which can affect their behaviour and their sleep.
We will never shoe-horn you into doing anything that compromises your values or doesn’t feel right for you. We will make changes at your little one’s pace to help them reach their developmental potential for sleep.

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